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Production Logging Tool

Sector Cement Bond Logging Tool

  • The tool can be combined with CCL, GR, gyroscope and other tools.

  • The product has stable performance and is suitable for long time operation in high temperature oil and gas wells.

  • It can provide sector expansion map, 3-foot amplitude, 5-foot variable density, well temperature and relative azimuth data.

  • It can be equipped with various logging surface systems and can work in both surface readout and memory mode.

Product Details

The sector cement bond logging is the main logging technology to accurately evaluate the cementing quality at present. It can measure the cementing quality around casing vertically and horizontally, visually display the cementation of casing and cement ring (the first interface) in gray scale image, accurately evaluate the location, size and distribution of channel, hole in the first interface, accurately evaluate the cement return, and evaluate the cementation between cement sheath and formation (second interface). This tool is one of the most effective method for testing cementing quality.

Technical indicators

Practical application

This tool series have been successfully applied in Daqing, Jiangsu, Zhongyuan, Dagang, Xinjiang, Tuha, Iran, Kazakhstan and other

oil fields.