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Production Logging Tool

Ultra-high Temperature Multi-parameter Logging Tool

  • It adopts the imported 200℃ photomultiplier and quartz pressure probe;

  • With the years of high temperature components screening experience, the mature high-temperature tool design technology is adopted, and no need for thermal flasks;

  • Double flowmeter, so the success rate of flow measurement is high;

  • It can customize combination mode and sulfur-resistant type.

Product Details

Ultra-high Temperature Multi-parameter Logging Tool includes: telemetry/CCL/GR combination tool, temperature and pressure combination tool, water holdup tool, continuous flowmeter, on-line flowmeter, full borehole flowmeter, tuning fork density tool etc. The tool is specially designed for logging needs of ultra-high temperature and ultra-high pressure wells. It adopts imported 200℃ high temperature sensors, components and sealing rings, and is suitable for depth correction and production profile logging of ultra-deep wells and high geothermal gradient wells.

Technical indicators

Practical application