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Production Logging Tool

High Sulphur Resistance Multi-parameter Logging Tools

  • High reliability sealing and protection design The special protective design is made for the gas seal under high pressure environment to increase the reliability of the air seal.

  • Highly integration The four parameters of CCL, GR, temperature and pressure are combined to one to increase the reliability of long-time pressure recovery test.

  • High reliability flow measurement. Through the combination of two flow meters, the success rate of flow measurement is improved.

Product Details

The High Sulphur Resistance Multi-parameter Logging Tool consists of surface system and downhole tools. The surface system includes surface panel, depth time recorder and supporting software. The downhole tool includes: telemetry sub, memory sub, battery sub, CCL/GR/temperature/pressure combination tool, water holdup, continuous flowmeter, in-line flowmeter and full borehole flowmeter. The supporting tools are flexible joint, swivel joint, centralizer, weighting bar, and cable head, etc. It is suitable for logging in wells with high hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide.

The system can work by either connecting cable to read directly or connecting steel wire

or coiled tubing to store. Horizontal well production profile logging can be completed.

This system is under the company’s independent intellectual property rights.

Technical indicators

Practical application

Logging Curves of Puguang Gas Field