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Open Hole Logging Tool

Orthogonal Dipole Acoustic Logging Tool

All three types of orthogonal dipole acoustic logging tools are independent intellectual property tools. CDS-type tool provides a separate Stoneley wave measurement mode; DXDSL tool conducts modular design for acoustic measurement. Users can randomly assemble into orthogonal dipole acoustic, long-distance acoustic, conventional high-resolution acoustic velocity logging and compensated acoustic mode according to the needs of logging operation. The sonic probe layout can be arranged as up-sending down-receiving or down-sending up-receiving (the spacing is different).

Product Details

The orthogonal dipole acoustic logging tool is the standard tool for imaging logging system. The tool provides 1 unipolar source, 2 orthogonally distributed dipole sources in the circumferential direction and an 8×4 receiving array, which can realize the function of full waveform logging and direct acquisition of formation shear wave velocity. After processing the acquired 96 acoustic waveforms by post- logging processing software, more accurate time differences of formation P-wave, shear wave and Stoneley wave can be obtained and formation anisotropy can be also obtained. Rock mechanical and physical properties such as Poisson ratio and bulk modulus can be calculated. Attenuation analysis of receiving ring signals can be carried out, and qualitative permeability evaluation can be realized. It is mainly used in formation porosity evaluation, formation mechanical parameter measurement, formation principal stress direction measurement, fracturing evaluation and fracture evaluation, etc.

Technical indicators

Practical application

Compare with MAX500 Array Lateral Logging Curve