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Open Hole Logging Tool

HLAT High-resolution Array Lateral Logging Tool

  • Measure resistivity in conductive mud;

  • Determine oil saturation;

  • Evaluate thin interbed;

  • Present permeability from the characteristics of invasion;

  • Identify oil-gas-water interface;

Product Details

HLAT High-resolution Array Lateral Logging Tool is a new type of array lateral logging tool with multiple investigation depths. One logging can provide one mud resistivity curve and five formation resistivity curves with different investigation depth. It can use 2-D model and inversion technique to calculate the influence of wellbore, adjacent formation and invasion simultaneously, and then produce more accurate and perfect formation resistivity Rt.

Technical indicators

Practical application
  • It has high resolution and can distinguish 300 mm thin layer clearly.

  • It has five different investigation depth curves to accurately judge the radial invasion properties.

  • Rigid electrodes are not needed and effectiveness of logging operation is improved.

  • All the refluxes are returned to the tool housing without the Groningen effect.

  • It has fast power control technology, which conform to formation response.

  • It adopts frequency division control technology, and all kinds of modes work simultaneously.

  • The electronic circuit is placed inside the probe, and the combination is flexible.

  • 2-D inversion processing improves the Rt precision and enhances the formation evaluation ability.