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President and Vice President of Xi’an GOWell visited Ruili
2019-04-12 source: Views:0

President Zhang Xi and Vice President Liu Wenhua from Xi’an GOWell Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. had visited Hangzhou Ruili Acoustic and Electronic Technology Co., LTD. from April 8 to 9, 2019.

The two parties had exchanged in-depth views on several issues in the field of petroleum logging tools, and further discussed various cooperation models on the basis of mutual trust and win-win development.

At the CIPPE petroleum exhibition in this March, President Zhang Xi came to the Ruili booth, learned about the specialized petroleum tools of Ruili, and introduced features and advantages of GOWell products. President Zhang Xi said that he would visit Ruili as soon as possible to expedite the cooperation between the two parties and realize the strong win-win alliance.

During this visit, Xi’an GOWell further understand Ruili company and No. 715 Rearch Institute, deeply experienced the unique strength and excellent products of Ruili in the field of acoustics, and also witnessed the good corporate culture and atmosphere of Ruili. This has laid a good foundation of mutual trust for the in-depth cooperation between the two parties, and is conducive to the establishment of a comprehensive partnership of cooperation.

Ruili will continue to improve the quality of products, and cooperate closely with Xi’an GOWell, to create a community of shared interests, and achieve sustained development of both parties.