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Quality policy

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Company quality, environment, occupational health and safety policy:

Innovating Improving
Energy-saving Environment-protecting
Health-care Harmonious Development
Law-abiding Pursue Excellence
Innovative and refinement to ensure that the product is suitable for end-user’s requirements and meet the contracted standards.
Adopt new technology, review the company's technical status at appropriate intervals, determine the corresponding training needs and conduct corresponding training for those who require professional skills.
Ensure that the management policies, procedures, and procedures are consistent with the definitions and operations of the GB/T19001-2016, GB/T50430-2007, GB/T24001-2016, and GB/T28001-2011 standards, and require "When do it, do it well."
Promote teamwork, create a good working environment through training and development planning, and fully encourage and motivate the enthusiasm of employees.
Work closely with suppliers to select clean materials to ensure that the raw materials purchased meet quality requirements.
Minimize costs while meeting user needs and expectations, meanwhile, meeting safety, health and environmental standards.
Caring for employees, caring for life, paying attention to the development of the company, dedicating to the prevention of defects, to further improve product quality, protect employees' health and safety, promote harmonious development, continuously improve environmental performance, sharpen competitiveness, and pursue high performance and achieve sustainable development.