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Industry news
Logging equipment
2019-03-20 source: Views:0

Logging equipment is of great significance for oil exploration and development. The application of measuring equipment and logging technology to detect mines can effectively collect various physical information such as force, heat and nuclear in the underground environment. These data information are analyzed to effectively explain the thickness and location of the reservoir within the oilfield, and some performance parameters related to mining can be determined.

Basic introduction

Logging instruments can be divided into two types, downhole and uphole, depending on the application scenario. In the research and development of underground instruments, China's oil logging equipment research and development investment is relatively high, so the type of instrument is more abundant than the type of uphole instrument, the signal and function of different equipment have their own characteristics. In the aspect of in-situ instrument development, the actual application requires that the uphole instrument is compatible with different downhole instruments as much as possible, so that the presence of flexible equipment selection schemes according to the application and application requirements greatly increases the in-well. Research and development costs and research and development difficulties of related logging equipment. And with the improvement of compatibility, the complexity of the uphole instrument has also increased significantly, but this trend has somewhat reduced the reliability of ground instruments.

Equipment and use

1) Logging winch: The cable used for logging, perforating, etc. is wrapped around the winch drum, and the drum is rotated by the power of the automobile engine, so that the control cable is lifted and lowered in the well at the required speed.

2) Logging cable: transporting various downhole instruments and tools; supplying power to the downhole instrument and transmitting control signals; transmitting the signals collected by the downhole instrument to the ground.

3) Wellhead pulley: A device that changes the direction in which the cable runs.

4) Tension meter: used in conjunction with the wellhead pulley to convert the tension of the logging cable into an electric signal and send it to the winch tension panel for display. Through the change of the cable tension, the operation of the downhole instrument and cable can be accurately judged.

5) Cable torpedo: The purpose of cable torpedo is to connect with various cable heads.

6) Horse bridle: connecting cables and downhole instruments; can be quickly connected and disassembled, and can be protected

The core and instrument wires are connected and insulated well.

7) Downhole instrument: Collect underground physical information and convert it into electrical signal for delivery to the well.